Galvanized Plain Sheets & Coils are required in many processes specially fabrication of various industrial and domestic good. The GP Coils & Sheets are Avalable in wide range.

Thickness : 0.18mm to 1.2mm
Length : 8 ft to 14 ft. for Sheets and 4MT, 5MT Coils
Width: 740mm to 1220 mm.
Used in various Machinery, AC Vents, Trunks and various agro equipments.
Zinc Coated coils and sheets for longer life.


Galvanised Steel Sheets are used in various applications. Some of the common Uses are:
Agriculture Grain Silos, Sprayers, Ghamellas, Pans, Feeding Troughs, Etc.
Automobile Cars, Busses. Truck Bodies, Undercarriage Work, Air & Oil filters, Fuel & Oil Tanks, Exhaust Pipes.
Construction Roofing, Side Walls, Partitions, Panels, Valley Gutters, Louvers, False Ceilings, Partition Walls & Ducks, Rolling Shutters, Higheay Bumpers, Slotted Angles, Paint-Coated Products.
Domestic Trunks, Ice Boxes, Household Machines, Tubs, Pails, Buckets, Storage Bins, Water Tanks, Washing machines, Bathroom Doors, Etc.
Electrical Appliances Air Conditioners, Coolers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Electrical Panels, Decorative Lamps.
Furniture & Fixtures Desks, Lockers, Racks, Lightweight Chairs.
Industry Ducting, Drums & Barrels, Thermal Cladding, Air Condotioning Ducts, Railway Coaches and Other Applications.
Outdoors Sigh- Boards, Hoardings, Road Signs.


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