Quality Checks:

We use modern non-destructive testing like ultrasonic test (UT) to know internal cracks and blow holes on demand of customers to ensure the quality of the material. There is also provision of Spectrometer analysis to know the chemical composition of the material.


The driving force to succeed and EXCELL in all we do, has been the sprit of our people. With customer centric approach; Our strength lies in each of our individual organizations with the ability to consolidate its core strength & competencies and EXCELL in each of our business.


Success cannot be spelled without the letter U.

For us U represent; our associates, Customers, Employees, Vendors, Suppliers and everyone associated with Shankar Steels & Suppliers.

For us success means constant change and innovations benefiting our skilled manpower, our Clients and Customers, Our Partners and Vendors, Our Suppliers and financial partners.

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